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Article title: Purpose - Aims

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The Association  " Vimatizo " has as its  main purpose, to offer the best possible service to people with disabilities and the main concern is to allow  these people to earn  their rightful place in society . So the Association " Vimatizo " from 1994 is trying to create the optimal   opportunities  and  organize and coordinate all necessary  actions to  achieve this. For this reason it  constantly sets , plans and implements goals : To  help people with disabilities to integrate into society as equal members . To Improve  living conditions of people with disabilities . To  provide moral and material assistance to people with disabilities and their parents and   guardians . To support  people with disabilities to enter  the labor market . To disseminate  information and alert  a wider audience  about  disability issues. To publish pamphlets with information  for people with disabilities . To  organise entertainment - arts - sports and other events for people with disabilities . To disseminate  programs and methodology for people with disabilities . To create short-stay hostels . To  Create Supporting shelters for the disabled . To  create protected Workshops .

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